June 15, 2024

Jabber Server HowTo

This builds a jabber server which also does msn on a Debian server.

Jabber Server Setup

Jabber runs a server that listens on port 5222 & 5269 for incoming connections and then authenticates and allows you to communicate with other people with Jabber clients connected to the same server. To install it on Debian Squeeze, do:

apt-get install jabber pymsnt pyaimt

this will also install msn and aim transports, if you don’t want them, just install jabber and leave the rest off. Now you have to set the hostname after you stop jabber:

/etc/init.d/jabber stop
vi /etc/jabber/jabber.xml

now change the default hostname to match what you changed it to above (which needs to match your DNS A record for this host you “hopefully” have already set up pointing to this server):

vi /etc/default/jabber14
/etc/init.d/jabber start

you can tell if jabber is running by doing:

netstat -plnt | grep jabber

you should see 2 lines that tell you what port jabber server is listening on.

Laptop setup

You have to download a IM client that supports jabber, pidgin is one, there are lots of others. Now set up a jabber account by typing in the name of your server like your.servername.com and asking to create an account automatically, then try to login and it *should* work 🙂